We know that sometimes it is difficult to have sufficient capital to perform a major surgical procedure such as a Bariatric Surgery. That is why at Real Bariatrics we have designed Payment and Financing Plans that could be tailored to your needs, so that you feel calm when you do not capitalize and you can enjoy the great health benefits that a bariatric procedure provides.

Pre Pay Plan

This plan will allow you to cover the entire intervention in advance, giving you the great advantage of setting the agreed price during the quote at the beginning of the plan. You can set the date of your intervention months in advance by giving fertilizers on a scheduled basis and pay the total until the day of the surgical procedure. The pre-payment plan provides great benefits such as ease of payment, does not generate interest, you choose the number of installments and monthly amount, it applies to all procedures, you can set it aside with just an initial payment of $ 300.


The Financing Plan will allow you to carry out the surgical intervention in a timely manner, providing just one down payment and the rest to be covered in comfortable 6-month payments.

This Financing Plan, like any other, generates an interest that will be applied to the price awarded during the listing.

To apply to this plan it is necessary to cover some essential requirements that will be provided at the time.

Monthly Card Payment without Interest

If you have a Credit Card and want to finance your bariatric surgery, this tool could be of great help.

This form of payment gives you the opportunity to take your payment to months without interest and stop worrying about covering monthly payments since the bank will take care of everything once the transaction has been made.

If the Card payment to Months without Interest is your option, you must have some observations, such as having the sufficient credit capacity to cover the amount to be financed and the commission applied by the bank when granting this service.

Major Medical Expense Insurance

To date, few insurances cover this type of intervention, unfortunately.

We share with you the insurance companies that could cover some bariatric procedures taking into account some particular requirements for each insurance.

To find out if your health insurance covers any of our interventions, you can contact your insurance agent who can provide you with more information.

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